Warmer Homes, Advice & Money

What we can do

The WHAM project is an innovative model for supporting North Somerset’s most vulnerable residents – giving advice on energy, money, benefits and carrying out home repairs. 


The WHAM partnership is delivered by the Centre for Sustainable Energy in partnership with Talking Money, WE Care Home Improvements, Bristol Energy Network, Citizens Advice North Somerset and North Somerset Council. 


WHAM will help particularly those on a low income, single parents and unemployed people living in the private rented sector.

Support offered:

  • Advice on how to monitor, check and pay for your energy bills.
  • Help to make your home safe and secure.
  • Advice on legal, immigration and housing issues.
  • Advice on benefits and money.
  • Help with budgeting and debt advice.
  • Tips on managing your energy use and cutting bills.
  • Accessing grants for heating repairs and upgrades.

How to access:

Call the Home Energy Team on 0800 082 2234

Make referrals via https://www.cse.org.uk/referral

Visit our advice website | cse.org.uk